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Christina was literally a God send for my second labor. From our first appointment to delivery day, she provided the support and guidance I needed to get through an unmedicated birth. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to obtain my goal of a natural delivery if it weren’t for her words of wisdom, spiritual support and her ability to know what I needed as an individual. I will forever be grateful for her services and highly recommend her for any Mother going through her journey to bring life to this earth. Thank you Christina!! ❤


I had the honor of being Christina’s first client! When I heard she was a student doula, I was a little skeptical and thought about how my birth would go since I’m considered high-risk: heart surgery in 2019, I have a brain aneurysm, I was recently hit by a car at 31 weeks gestation, I was hospitalized at 34 weeks for an ovarian torsion, and finally had a placental abruption requiring a 911 call to be induced to have the baby early at 37 weeks! Regardless of my medical conditions, I felt a very strong positive vibe from Christina. The love in her voice flowed through the phone and into my heart. So I decided to give her a chance! Her young fresh mind was full of ideas and tips. She was always there for me through my emotional ups and downs, and all of the crazy medical emergencies. During the actual labor process, Christina was attentive to my needs and was a strong advocate for me. Because we discussed my birth plan ahead of time, she was able to stand for my wishes and talk me out of things she knew I didn’t want. For example, this birth was planned to be a VBA2C. She knew how much the vaginal delivery meant to me with this baby since we discussed it in advance. There was a point in time where I was begging for a C-section due to the pain the induction caused, and the inability to get into certain recommended laboring positions due to my injuries. Christina reminded me how this was not what I wanted and I could do this. I WAS doing it she said. Her loving calm support empowered me to continue on with my labor and I finally was able to deliver my baby vaginally. Also, she reminded me I brought expressed colostrum and when my baby went hypoglycemic after birth, she advocated the staff use it instead of donor milk. I am honored she took on my case even though I was high risk and I’m very grateful. I highly recommend giving Christina an interview to see if she’d be a good fit for you. All moms deserve her loving support and compassionate attentive care.


Let me serve you in your labor support needs.

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